Top Things to do in Mission Beach 2022


2022 isn’t just a brand new year: it’s a brand new start. Many of us want to leave the last couple of years in the rear-view mirror (or the rubbish bin, more accurately) and 2022 has already proved to be a massive improvement for Australia, at least.

And with that new start comes new chances to travel openly and freely – thank goodness for that! With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing natural beauty, there’s no doubt that Mission Beach is at the top of your list for travel. Here’s what the experts at Tropical Property suggest for your itinerary when you head up to Mission Beach in 2022.



Start soaking up the rays

Mission Beach is home to a number of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. Lay down your towel with a beverage by your side, get some Vitamin D and have a dip in the warm ocean water. Stroll the endless coastline and collect coconuts right off the beach – our sandy shores are lined with coconut trees that go on forever. Start your first holiday in 2022 the right way!

Immerse yourself in nature

Within a short one-hour drive from Mission Beach, you can see some of Far North Queensland’s most famous and beautiful rivers and waterfalls, including Millaa Millaa Falls, Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and Tully Gorge. If you’re not familiar with these places, you should stop what you’re doing and look them up right now: they will take your breath away. These natural wonders are even more gorgeous in the flesh, and they’re the perfect place to take a picnic and soak up the nature.

Explore an island

Mission Beach may be an Australian icon, with many visitors coming from around the globe each year, but there are still plenty of chances to feel like you’re a world away from anyone. Just a short boat ride from Mission Beach lies Dunk Island – a virtually uninhabited wonder that offers amazing snorkelling, a hike with stunning views at the end and even a beach bar in peak season. Exploring Dunk Island is a must-do experience when you come to Mission Beach.

Find a cassowary

Mission Beach is home to a range of incredible fauna and flora – possibly the most famous being the Cassowary. They don’t call our region the ‘Cassowary Coast’ for nothing! Cassowaries can be spotted all around Mission Beach – just ask one of the friendly Tropical Property team members for the best places to spot one. But remember to appreciate these flightless birds from a distance; they’re known for being curious and approaching humans for food.

Ready to treat yourself in 2022, the way you’ve deserved over the past two years? Get in touch with Tropical Property to make it happen. They specialise in top quality real estate and holiday accommodation in Mission Beach. Contact the team to make a booking.