How Do You Plan A Perfect Holiday?

Planning a holiday can go one of two ways: you plan it carefully by doing research, booking ahead and being well across what you need, resulting in a stress-free, totally relaxing holiday… or it can look like missing your flight, forgetting to book the rental car, being left out of options for accommodation and basically turning out to be a nightmare of a time! So, how do we get our holiday looking like the first option and steer clear of the second? Here’s our guide to planning the perfect holiday, brought to you by the experts at Tropical Property.

Book accommodation in advance

It’s a big mistake to look at flight availability without looking for accommodation options first. Sure, you can book a flight to your destination, but it won’t do you any good if the accommodation choices are slim and overpriced. Make sure you check in with an expert in the place you’re heading to, like Tropical Property in Mission Beach.

Hire a rental car

OK, so maybe if you’re heading to New York or Tokyo, you won’t need to hire a car. Public transport over there is pretty tip-top. But in Australia, it’s a different story. In basically anywhere outside a major capital city, you’ll need to hire a car to get around and see the biggest attractions. If you’re heading to Mission Beach, for example, how will you check out the restaurants in Cairns, the nearby enchanted Spanish castle (Paronella Park) and the scenic beauty of Tully Gorge without a set of wheels? Make sure you book a car well in advance – they tend to book out quickly up here!

Plan a loose itinerary

We’re not saying your holiday has to be mapped out rigidly or planned to the hour, but it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of what you want to do and when you want to do it. Here in Mission Beach, there are so many opportunities for day trips. Cairns, Tully Gorge, Josephine Falls and the Atherton Tablelands are just a drive away, so you should start planning what exactly you want to check out.

Pack light

We’re big believers in packing light. How else are you going to fit your souvenirs, boutique clothes and locally made chutneys, coffee beans and other homemade goods?

Planning a holiday shouldn’t be a chore: it should be fun and exciting. As long as you give yourself plenty of time, you’ll be on the right track. Tropical Property are the team of real estate experts you need to consult when looking for amazing accommodation in our region. We have gorgeous houses and apartments available for booking and, if you end up falling in love with our beautiful part of the world, we can help you buy or invest in properties here too! Contact Tropical Property and experience Mission Beach the way you deserve to.