Mission Beach Real Estate Buying Guide

Tropical rainforests meet golden, sandy beaches here in our Far North Queensland paradise. Mission Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic seaside towns, so there’s no wonder why real estate is so in demand over here. If you’re thinking about buying in Mission Beach, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we offer a guide to buying real estate on the Cassowary Coast.

Buying to live or buying to invest

First of all, figure out whether you want to buy a place for you to live in, or to invest in, or, ideally both. Whether you’re looking to make Mission Beach your forever home, or you’re looking for a property to buy and rent out, there is an abundance of options in the region for you.

Many homes in Mission Beach have been renovated and are ideal for renting out immediately. This makes your job very easy, whether you want to live here or invest in a rental property.

The beach is never far away

One of the most attractive drawcards of Mission Beach is that it’s truly a beachside town. The ocean is pretty much always in view – normally a 2-minute drive or a 15 minute walk at most. This makes it ideal for self-managed holiday homes or homebuyers who want the true North Queensland lifestyle.

Holiday homes are incredibly popular

Many people who live in Mission Beach use their homes as self-managed holiday accommodation. This gives you a direct source of income by working out of your very own home. If you’re interested in buying a home that also has options for self-managed holiday accommodation, talk to our team at Tropical Property. We have insider knowledge on homes in town that have self-contained units and granny flats which are ideal for receiving guests.

The rental market here is strong

Along with the holiday home market, the long-term rental market is equally strong. With remote working becoming increasingly popular, many families from Australian cities are trading in peak hour traffic for the tropical paradise of Mission Beach. Thus, it has become common for these families to rent out their own homes in the city and to rent properties in Mission Beach.

Why talk to Tropical Property when buying real estate in Mission Beach:

Tropical Property can help you buy and manage property in four different ways:

  1. Property sales

    We help you find the best property for you to live or invest in.
  2. Property rentals
    We list your property for rent through our highly reputable service.
  3. Strata management
    If you’re looking at a strata property, we can manage this.
  4. Holidays
    If you want to list your property as holiday accommodation, we handle this through our holiday booking service too.