5 Reasons to Holiday in Mission Beach

Mission Beach – it’s a name that everybody knows. But what’s all the hype about? Is it the amazing weather, all year round? The miles and miles of pristine beach, lined with coconut trees? The opportunities for snorkelling, hiking, island exploring and more?

Yep – it’s a combination of all of these things and more. Here are our top 5 reasons to holiday in Mission Beach, brought to you by the locals at Tropical Property.

1) The atmosphere

It’s the number one reason why people who have visited Mission Beach for a holiday end up falling in love with the place and moving here: the feeling, the atmosphere, the vibe. Mission Beach has a classic Far North Queensland feel to it – relaxed, laid-back and easy. It’s basically impossible to be stressed in Mission Beach… trust us, we’ve tried.

2) The weather

Putting on your jacket and raincoat before heading to work; another weekend of wet weather, confining you to your home; your body refusing to get out bed on a super cold morning… this is what winter looks like, for most of Australia. Getting sick of winter in your town? Try a winter in ours. ‘Winter’ in Mission Beach looks like 28-degree weather every day, endless sunshine, swims at the beach and drinks outside on the main street after dinner.

3) Restaurants and cafes

Mission Beach has some of the best food that Far North Queensland has to offer. From family bistros serving Australian pub classics made with love, to casual Thai, to quirky cafes serving strong coffee that puts Melbourne in its place, we’re spoiled for choice here in Mission Beach.

4) Cassowary spotting!

Take a walk through any of our local rainforests and walking tracks and there’s a good bet you’ll be lucky enough to spot a cassowary. These big flightless birds (the third largest in the world) are unique to Far North Queensland and parts of Papa New Guinea. Seeing your first cassowary is a truly special experience and, although you might be tempted, please don’t feed these greedy little guys – they get enough food from their local habitat.

5) The accommodation options

Mission Beach is known for its liveable accommodation options which aren’t just holiday houses: they’re real-life homes. People in Mission Beach want to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you stay here. But you have to know the right team of experts who know all the best spots!

And that brings us to the team at Tropical Property. They’ve been Mission Beach’s most successful team for all things real estate since their start in 2010. From finding you the perfect holiday accommodation, to selling luxury homes, Tropical Property have managed it all. Get in touch with Tropical Property to start your Mission Beach adventure today.