Top 10 Travel Tips 

Travelling successfully is an artform. And it’s a science. It’s a hybrid art-science that has to be done half with the head and half with the heart. Going on a holiday can be more complex than it seems, so, before we start getting too abstract in thought, we’re going to reel it in and give you our top 10 tips on travelling, brought to you by our experts at Tropical Property. Follow these golden rules and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect holiday.

1) Book accommodation before anything else

Depending on where and when you’re going, accommodation can book up incredibly quickly – especially here in Mission Beach! Book your accommodation as soon as possible.

2) Hire a car

Rental cars also book up quickly in our region. Hire as early as possible to avoid being stuck without a set of wheels.

3) Create an itinerary

Start getting excited and planning a loose itinerary of your trip. Find out what you want to do in the region and roughly plan when you’re going to do it.

4) Leave some things as a surprise

The planning of the holiday is the ‘scientific’ part of it. The openness to spontaneity is the ‘artistic’ part of it. Make sure you leave doors open to experiencing things other than what you’ve planned.

5) Pack light

We’re big believers in packing light. Especially if you’re going to bring home locally made goods like chutneys and clothes.

6) Make a list of what to pack

Are you the type of person who always forgets that one thing? Phone charger? Sunnies? A hat? By making a list in the lead up to your trip, you won’t forget a thing.

7) Book a nice restaurant

If you’re heading over in peak season, it’s a good idea to book a table at a nice restaurant before you arrive. Seats fill up quickly, so avoid disappointment!

8) Bring a book

A more-than-essential item for your trip, especially on beach holidays. Bring a book that you can dip into when you’re not dipping into the ocean.

9) Do loads of research

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything is to know about everything in the region. Do loads of research before arriving, or simply talk to a local expert… which brings us to our final tip!

10) Talk to the team at Tropical Property

Heading up to the jewel of Far North Queensland, Mission Beach? Talk to our team at Tropical Property. Not only can we give you the best local insight on what to do in the region, but we also have a range of stunning accommodation options which always fill up quickly. If you decide that you want to stay here permanently (trust us, many people do!) then we can even help you buy or invest in property here. Get in touch with our team at Tropical Property to kickstart your holiday.