How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Mission Beach

Mission Beach is one of Australia’s hottest travel destinations, so there’s no wonder why you and your girls are planning the ultimate weekend here! Sometimes we ladies need an exclusive, all-girls getaway to blow off the steam of work, relationships, family and everything else life throws at us. Mission Beach is all about relaxation, sunshine, sand, good food and good times.

Here, we’ve enlisted the ladies from Tropical Property to lend a helping hand when planning the perfect girls weekend in Mission Beach. Get ready for a weekend that everyone will remember!

Get your accommodation sorted, pronto!

First things first: finding a place to stay. You’re looking for somewhere cute, somewhere in a perfect location and somewhere with enough space for your whole crew. That’s what the team at Tropical Property do best. They’ve got endless options for accommodation in the region, and they’re able to find you the ideal nest for your girls weekend, whether your squad is a handful or a bus-full of gals.

Friday night – drinks and dinner

Now that your accommodation is sorted, you can focus on the fun stuff. Your girls weekend in Mission Beach begins with a premium seafood and drinks experience on Friday night. Mission Beach is home to a selection of amazingly good seafood restaurants, offering freshly-caught seafood like no other place in Australia.

Saturday morning – yoga

If your girl gang is a yoga gang, then Mission Beach has loads of options for you. Whether you’re all beginners, all experts, or varied in ability, a group yoga session is the best way to kick off your weekend as a team.

Saturday arvo – beach time

Grab your towels, sunscreen and beverages and head to the beach! With 14km of sprawling white sand and endless sunshine, it’s dealer’s choice here in Mission Beach.

Saturday night – more seafood!

Oysters, fresh fish, king prawns… more world-class seafood is on the menu for Saturday night’s dinner.

Sunday morning – hike

If everyone’s feeling chirpy enough, a hike is the perfect Sunday morning activity for your girls group. The Bicton Hill track is a nice, moderate hike through a gorgeous rainforest, and you may even see a rare species of butterfly, or the famous cassowary!

Sunday arvo – Dunk Island

Enjoy a short boat ride to Dunk Island, just off the coast of Mission Beach. Dunk Island offers snorkelling, tanning, swimming and hiking too. It’s a must-visit place on your girls weekend.

Ready for the best girls trip ever? Your unforgettable weekend starts with Tropical Property. Take a look at their primo options for holiday accommodation online, or give the team a call. With plenty of fabulous options for short and long-term rental accommodation, Tropical Property make your stay here a trip to remember.