Secret Beaches and Coves of Mission Beach


Ever wanted to feel like you’re on that TV show Lost, but in a good way?

Having white sandy beaches all to yourself while you drink from a delicious coconut? Relaxing in the sun, not another person in sight?

There are plenty of secret beaches, coves and hidden river spots in the Mission Beach area. So, put on your explorer’s hat, get out your compass and atlas (Google Maps is also fine) and let’s start get off the beaten track a little!



Lugger Bay

We’ll start with one of our favourites: Lugger Bay, known to locals as Lover’s Beach. Just a few kilometres south of South Mission Beach, Lugger Bay is a hidden gem. Accessible only via a one-kilometre walking track, Lugger Bay is possibly Mission Beach’s best-kept secret. Here, you’ll find a quiet, rarely-occupied beach with golden sand and amazingly clear water.

Make sure you bring your towel, an umbrella, a snack and some refreshments. After sprawling out on the beach of Lugger Bay, you won’t want to go anywhere for a while.

Garner’s Beach

Garner’s Beach isn’t the most secret beach in the region, but there are plenty of little seclude spots within it. Up and around the north side of Garner’s Beach, you’ll find little private coves where basically nobody ever ventures. Lay down, relax and enjoy the whole place to yourself.

Brookes Beach

Even in peak season, you won’t find a heap of people at Brookes Beach. Why this is the case, we’ll never understand: it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. A long, straight beach that stretches for several hundred metres, you’ll find plenty of secluded spots for swimming, tanning and reading a book. Park on Holt Road and walk along the little trail to get to the sand.

Dunk Island

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Dunk Island. Just a 10-minute water taxi from Mission Beach, Dunk Island has an endless amount of secluded beaches and secret coves. Dunk Island is also home to beautiful walking trails and scenic lookouts… and when you feel like making contact with society once again, you can stroll on down to the beach bar! Take a boat there and start exploring.

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