Things To Know Before Moving To Mission Beach

Thinking of packing up and moving to one of the world’s most beautiful beach locations? Mission Beach welcomes you with open arms! Nestled amongst the rainforest in Far North Queensland, our tropical haven is where the jungle meets the ocean.

So, apart from it being one of Australia’s most famous beach towns, what else do you need to know about Mission Beach? Here, the locals at Tropical Property leave no stone unturned, telling us some must-know facts before you hang your hat in Mission Beach.

It’s warm all-year-round

If you’re not a fan of perfectly warm weather, all-year round, then maybe Mission Beach isn’t the best location for you. Because, here, the weather is absolutely gorgeous. The temperature rarely stoops below 25°C and rarely above 35°C, so you’re never cold and never boiling hot. And besides, hot weather is always countered with a dip in the pool!

It’s a nature-lovers paradise

Lush green forests, private islands, sandy white beaches, coconut trees… to call Mission Beach a ‘paradise’ wouldn’t be exaggerating. Many Aussies have packed up their city lives and traded traffic jams for fresh air and waterfalls. The deserted Dunk Island is a quick boat ride from Mission Beach, offering hikes, bird-watching and snorkelling.

No matter where you go in the Cassowary Coast Region, you can’t escape the power of beautiful, epic nature. Only an hour away away is the magnificent Tully Gorge, a freshwater river that offers swimming, fishing and more. And, just 30 minutes’ drive is Alligator’s Nest, a fresh water swimming hole that’s always refreshing.

Prepare to make boredom a thing of the past

There’s always something to do in Mission Beach, so get ready to say goodbye to that little thing called boredom. Hiking and walking on cool mornings, sun-tanning and swimming in the afternoon, practising your pétanque in the evenings, visiting Cairns and surrounds on weekends – the list goes on.

Make neighbours with a cassowary or two

Cassowaries are one of the most iconic symbols of Mission Beach. These large, beautiful birds are unique to the region, making it even more of a special place.

The real-estate market is hot!

One thing you should know when moving to Mission Beach is that, while it’s still slightly secret, the real estate market is about to change very quickly. A fast-growing town in a highly desirable location, Mission Beach homes are going up and up in value, making it an ideal spot for any investor, dweller or both.

So – Mission Beach sounds pretty good, right? It’s even better when you get here. Tropical Property is the home of real estate in Mission Beach. Since 2010, they’ve been the Cassowary Coast’s most dedicated realty team, helping owners sell and helping buyers purchase their dream home. Get in touch with Tropical Property today to fast-forward your new life in Mission Beach.