What is Mission Beach known for? 


Everybody’s heard of our picturesque paradise in Tropical North Queensland. You may even be able to point it out on the map! Mission Beach is a premiere tropical destination, famous for its beaches, its landscape and its beautiful natural scenery. But, surely, there are other reasons why Mission Beach is so well-known in Australia. The thousands of tourists who visit Mission Beach each year must know a little something more than that, right? In this post, we take a look at all the things that Mission Beach is known for and who to call if you want to see them for yourself.



Aside from idyllic beaches, Mission Beach is most well-known for one thing: the native giant cassowaries. These big birds are only found in Mission Beach, making them super unique. Visiting in springtime will give you plenty of opportunities to see them… from a safe distance of course.



It wouldn’t be Tropical North Queensland without a rainforest, or a number of them! Most people in Australia don’t see rainforests very often, so there’s a good reason that Mission Beach is considered so special because of them. Rainforests allow for fun activities like hiking and, in particular, mountain biking – an exhilarating experience that offers stunning views of our rainforests.



Ever wanted to explore a secret island that seems as though you’re the only person on it? Mission Beach is known for doing just that. Take a kayak tour to Dunk Island or visit the secluded Coombe Island for the day. You can even camp there, taking your off-the-grid experience to the next level.



Yep, one of the other famous activities on Mission Beach is collecting your own coconuts. Stroll down a sandy beach and shake a tree or two. Just mind your head when they come down! Then, you can crack open a delicious fresh coconut, drink the milk and eat the flesh.



Not just any old reef either… the Great Barrier Reef! Heard of it? We thought so. Mission Beach gives you access to dive in and snorkel the outer Great Barrier Reef. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget, and you can do it right here off the coast of Mission Beach.


Food and drink

Unlike other small towns in Australia, Mission Beach is known for its fabulous food and drink. Visit some of our cafes for delicious coffee, restaurants for a succulent meal or a bar for a drink in the evening. 

Mission Beach is known for too many things to mention. That’s why you’ve got to see it for yourself! Whether you’re thinking of visiting or moving to Mission Beach, there’s only one phone call you need to make: and that’s to Tropical Property. They’re the local experts when it comes to finding you a place in which to rent, buy or invest in Mission Beach. They’ve got a reputation for their great service and have transformed many tourists into happy locals. Get in touch with Tropical Property to start your Mission Beach adventure today.