Mission Beach Rainforest

Australia is home to so many different types of landscapes. Cities, deserts, snowy mountains, plains and hills. But one of the most unique has got to be rainforests. Most people in Australia don’t live in environments where rainforests are common, which is why it’s so special to visit them while in Mission Beach. Rainforests aren’t just pretty things to look at; they provide a wonderful chance to get out and explore some of Australia’s greatest natural beauty. Today, we’re going to tell you the best things about Mission Beach’s rainforests and what they have to offer.


Flora and fauna
The Mission Beach rainforests are home to rare and incredible flora and fauna. These rainforests are natural greenhouses with an amazing range of plant diversity. This includes native palms, banana bushes, coral trees, flame trees and so many other species of plant. They put the garden section at Bunnings to shame! Mission Beach rainforests are a haven for lovers of plants. 

Native fauna is another special part of the Mission Beach rainforests. They’re home to the famous giant cassowary: a flightless bird that can’t be seen in the wild anywhere else in Australia. Not to mention a range of beautiful native butterflies including the Birdwing and Ulysses species which can be seen in Mission Beach rainforests, particularly in the springtime.



Mission Beach rainforests are the perfect place to go for a bushwalk or hike. With many, many walking trails to choose from, the options are limitless. One of the most popular walks is the Ulysses Link, named after the gorgeous blue butterflies that are commonly sighted on it. For children, you must stop at Lacey’s Creek where you can wander through the rainforest down to the creek for a paddle and to cool off on a hot summer day.  Whether you’re a beginner to the bushwalk scene or an expert hiker, Mission Beach rainforests have options for you to soak up nature while getting a good bit of exercise.



The Mission Beach rainforests have much more to offer than stunning native plants and animals. Located a 40-minute drive from Mission Beach is Paronella Park, a magical-looking Spanish-style castle located in the heart of the rainforest. It’s the last thing you’d expect when walking through a forest of palm trees, right? Built in the 1930s by Spanish migrant Jose Paronella, the castle is just a pleasant drive away from Mission Beach. The rainforests are also home to some ancient Indigenous gathering places, which you can learn more about when you take a guided tour. 

The rainforests of Mission Beach have some kind of magic about them which is hard to describe – it can only really be experienced when you’re there in person. To make that happen, contact the team at Tropical Property. They’re the ones who help you rent, buy or invest in a place in Mission Beach. Using all of their local resources, Tropical Property have the insider knowledge to find the perfect place for you.