Mission Beach Cassowaries

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Mission Beach? Maybe it’s the crystal-clear ocean, maybe it’s the lush rainforests, maybe it’s the unbeatable weather… or maybe, it’s the cassowaries.

Mission Beach is home to the only wild giant cassowaries in Australia, making it a rare and unique experience to catch a glimpse of one. Where exactly can you find the cassowaries in Mission Beach? In this post, we give you our top spots for spotting giant cassowaries.


The Dreaming Trail

Rainforests make a great spot to look for Mission Beach cassowaries. You can soak up the natural beauty of the trees and other flora while trying to spot the big Aussie bird. The Dreaming Trail is a 3km track in Mission Beach which crosses charming creeks underneath the shade of palm forests. The cassowaries’ colourful heads often blend in with the rainforest, so it’s best to try looking for their big black bodies rather than their heads.


Local Roads

You don’t have to venture out of town to see a cassowary and the best time to spot one is early morning or late afternoon.  At these times, cassowaries are known to look for food. Remember to slow down and drive carefully when you’re on the look-out for cassowaries. And, take care not to get too close or to feed them.


Mission Beach Transfer Station

Yep, if you’re down to get your hands dirty, then there are plenty of opportunities to spot cassowaries at the Mission Beach rubbish tip. While it’s certainly not the most glamorous setting, it’s common to see families of cassowaries rummaging through the trash.


Garner’s Beach

Garner’s Beach is home to a few adult giant cassowaries. Enjoy a day of trying to find cassowaries while intermittently swimming in the sea. It’s a special beach with massive fig trees providing shade on particularly hot days.


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