Eco Tours Mission Beach

For the nature lover, Mission Beach is an absolute paradise. Considering its relatively small area, you wouldn’t believe how much nature is contained within it. From the stunning natural environment of our famous beaches to the fresh fruit farms of which you can take tours, you’ll find that basically everywhere in Mission Beach is a mini eco-tour.



Possibly the number one thing at the top of your list as an is to explore some of our amazing rainforests. We don’t blame you! With the biggest fan palm forest in Australia, Mission Beach provides an unbeatable chance for a rainforest eco-tour. Within the rainforests, you’ll find a range of native flora and fauna. Think palm trees, flame trees, banana bushes, coral trees and a countless number of other species of flora. They’re home to a range of special fauna too like butterflies and, bringing us to our next point, the cassowary!



Avid bird watchers flock from all over the country to behold the endangered flightless bird of the tropics: the giant cassowary. Mission Beach has the highest density of these birds in all of Australia, making it the perfect place for a cassowary eco-tour. Talk to the locals at Tropical Property who’ll be able to give you all the tips and tricks for spotting cassowaries in Mission Beach.  Just yesterday when visiting a client, they saw a Dad with four of his chicks wandering around in the rain.


The ocean

Ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef? Yep, we thought so. The Great Barrier Reef is what many people desire to see when we’re talking about eco-tours in Mission Beach. There are plenty of opportunities to go diving and snorkelling and witness the natural beauty of the reef while you’re here.




If you want to feel like a true explorer, discovering an island, then this is the perfect kind of tour in Mission Beach for you. Home to several nearby islands, the most popular are the Dunk, Bedarra and Coombe Islands. These secluded sanctuaries have walking trails, near-private beaches and provide amazing views. Dunk Island, in particular, rewards you with a beautiful lookout once you’ve reached the top of the summit.  You can even camp on Dunk and Wheeler Islands – and don’t forget the wonderful walks on world renowned Hinchinbrook Island which sits on the horizon to the south of Mission Beach.


The beach

We felt like we were missing the part of Mission Beach that lies within its very name: the beach! Stroll down a sandy beach or frolic in the crystal-clear water… but that’s pretty obvious, right?


There are a bunch of different options for eco-tours in Mission Beach. It’s simply a paradise for lovers of nature. If Mission Beach is your next destination, talk to the team at Tropical Property. They can help you out with buying, renting or choosing a holiday propertyin Mission Beach, using their local insight to find the perfect place for you. Your eco-tour, or maybe even eco-lifestyle, begins with a phone call or an email to Tropical Property.