Five Reasons to visit Mission Beach :)


Mission Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, so if you’re considering buying or renting a place here, we totally get it! Sandy beaches, friendly people, and a relaxed vibe like no other. But there’s so much more than to Mission Beach than just beautiful beaches and offshore islands.  Today, you’ll see Mission Beach from a local’s point of view with our top 5 reasons to visit Mission Beach. 


1) Meet your new neighbours

The community at Mission Beach is renowned for being a friendly and relaxed one. Your new neighbours will be welcoming and hospitable and as everyone lives in one of four villages with just 5km between each village, you’ll meet other locals easily too. Catch up at one of our local bars or cafes or at the petanque club for a game of the historic French ball game. Never heard of petanque? It’s similar to bocce and it’s easy to play.


2) Food and drink

There’s a big stereotype about regional Australia that you can’t get a good coffee if you’re out of a capital city. In some cases, this is true… but certainly not at Mission Beach. With cosy cafes and gourmet eateries, Mission Beach has some of the best food that regional Australia has to offer. This means you can make the move without worrying about having to go to a servo for coffee. Trust us, you won’t.


3) Cassowary spotting

Famous for our giant cassowaries, Mission Beach is a haven for lovers of these awe-inspiring creatures. Giant cassowaries roam freely around surrounding rainforests, presenting plenty of opportunities to appreciate them … from a distance, of course. As a native bird, cassowaries aren’t just amazing creatures – they’re a proud symbol of our part of Australia.


4) Kayaking

Property in Mission Beach is so desirable for several different reasons. And for the adventurous types, kayaking is at the top of the list. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a secret island with hiking trails and plenty of bird-watching opportunities, then Dunk Island is just one kayak trip away. Guided tours are available for the less experienced kayakers, with kayaks available for hire on Mission Beach. This is one of our top reasons for investing in Mission Beach. 


5) Collecting coconuts

Yep, it’s true – you don’t have to be somewhere wildly deserted like Madagascar to go collecting delicious coconuts. You can do it right here in Australia! There’s something special about being able to walk a beach that’s lined with coconut palms, pick one and drink its delicious milk and eat its fresh flesh. It’s not just something that happens in movies – at Mission Beach, you can do this every day. This makes Mission Beach special, so whether you’re renting or buying a place in Mission Beach, it’s up there with our top reasons to do so. 

Whether you’re buying a home in Mission Beach, investing, or leasing a house or apartment, there are a hundred more reasons to do it. We hope our condensed list of five has helped you out. If you’re looking for property in Mission Beach, there are also plenty of reasons to choose Tropical Property. We’ve created the #1 boutique property business by simply being easy to deal with – we’re non-traditional, we don’t use pressure tactics, fancy offers or forced hammer negotiations – we sell tropical property and we love introducing more and more people to the Mission Beach lifestyle every day !